Proactive, Reactive, Intelligence-Led Security Management

Surveillance officers from UK Protection who make up the PRISM team come from a military or police background and have gained experience working with many industries. 

There are stringent legislative mandates in place that must be strictly followed to ensure the admissibility of any covert surveillance and investigation evidence in a court of law. These requirements guarantee the integrity of both the evidence and the surveillance and investigating officers involved. Our team of surveillance officers undergoes comprehensive training that encompasses not only the intricacies of the law and legislation but also the pertinent aspects of human rights and data protection.

This thorough training equips officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage, conduct, and conclude surveillance operations and investigations.


The PRISM team are a highly-qualified unit of covert surveillance operatives covering Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street, Knightsbridge and Mayfair. PRISM stands for Proactive, Reactive, Intelligence-Led Security Management – and while this service is currently specific to the West End, it could be replicated in other large retail centres.

Our services include:

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COVERT surveillance

The covert surveillance used by PRISM is an effective tool for gathering information on a  group or person and this type of surveillance is typically used as part of an investigation into workplace crime, insurance fraud and other illegal activities.

PRISM works closely in assisting the London SafetyNet Service. Find out more here.